Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome to our new blog!

What better way to herald in the New Year than to unveil our new blog site! Actually, I've been wanting to work on a blog for ArtsyU for a while now and just never seem to find the time to fully develop my thoughts regarding what I should write about....but since I have been sick with the flu this holiday season I seem to have had oodles of time... In between the conscious moments between Nyquil doses and after exhausting everything of worth on Netflix worth watching, I found myself thinking quite a bit about this blog and why I haven’t just started writing it. Perhaps, that’s why I decided to make it one of my New Year’s resolutions, or New Year’s goals as my husband, Johnny, the infamous owner of ArtsyU, likes to refer to them as. I am, if you have not yet deduced, his other, more attractive half, Rachel... Not to be confused with the other Rachel, our Communications and Operational Manager at ArtsyU...yes company meetings can get confusing sometimes... but there will be plenty of time to explore that in a later post...

Johnny and Rachel Brown
Owners of ArtsyU
...So a blog specifically focused on Art and the events going on at ArtsyU has been a desire of mine for a while and since today is when most people make outrageous resolutions that they have every intention to keep through the end of the first week, it seems like a good time to bring this blog to fruition. For my readers, my goals will be to introduce you to our art studio here in Chattanooga and the amazing and eccentric people that work there to make it a truly unique place. The phenomenon of wine painting parties has become one of the newest and most revolutionary ways to approach art and make it socially fun! Since it is a fairly new enterprise and industry, getting the word out to the public about what an actual paint party or wine painting party consist of can be difficult. So I'm hoping this blog will help paint a picture in your mind if you are one of those curious folks wondering what all the hype is about and have that burning desire to get a little artsy!

In the upcoming posts, should busy schedules allow, I hope to keep readers apprised of events we have going on at ArtsyU with a weekly post that may spotlight a future class or activity, an outreach project, fundraisers in our community at large, promotional stuff, and let's not forget that broad subject called art itself!

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  1. Will be in the area in October - will need to a class while in town.

    Michelle Pollard :)